Fleet Management

CENSCons Armored Fleet

CENSCons provides customized transportation services according to the specifications and standards of its customer. CENSCons owns and operates its own fleet of vehicles, none older than the year 2000, including SUVs, buses, saloon cars and mini buses, all complete with standard safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits. CENSCons provides its customers with licensed and security trained drivers who can speak English, as well as the local languages. The transportation service also includes a 24/7 contact service to solve any problems regarding transportation. More than 300 armored vehicles are subcontracted to a major USG contractor are maintained by CENSCons technical staff.

The service is supported with a tracking feature controlled by our well-trained & equiped security controll room. The movements are always planned and routed by SC personel.

Our Rent-a-Car service comes with highly professional drivers – with ability to speak in local languages + English, French & Urdu.