Outsourced Personal




We can provide Qualified & certified personnel for short term and long term projects to cater to existing or leased infrastructure needs. The personnel will work within the guidelines and security policies of the organizations. This helps companies by not investing into manpower and all the expenses associated with the same. Outsourced personnel is a faster, better and more reliable way to accomplish projects swiftly without any hindrances. Many time businesses face a lot of teething problems while executing projects due to lack of expertise or know-how of the latest developments in technology and equipment. Here is where we come in to picture. With CENSCons’s assistance and with our promising team you can avoid the valuable time, energy and capital that otherwise you would end wasting on trails and errors with a limited judgment of the possible outcome.

Our aim as an IT solution provider is to cater to the various needs and requirements of our customers and help them to create a smooth and stable business environment. It is our prerogative as an IT solutions company to provide our customers with a well-trained, skilled and accomplished team of experts to help you with your projects.

We have a vibrant team of engineers, technicians and technical experts who can share their expertise with you or your team and assist you with the project at hand or execute the project altogether for you .

At CENSCons we believe that our team is our greatest asset and we take immense pride in our team’s knowledge, skills and expertise as our organization makes it a point to enhance their talents through a consistent capacity building measures like training programs and certifications. We make it a point to explore their capacities and capabilities and help them improve and specialize in their scope of work.

Our organization has recently achieved Microsoft Gold Mid-Market certification which is an achievement, we believe it is solely due to our exemplary team who strives hard for excellence.  Through that team CENSCons is driving all of our partnerships to Gold.