CCTV Equipment


CENSCons offers a variety of equipment for CCTV.  We can offer support contracts to go with the equipment ensuring you are always cared for.  Regardless of what you monitored we can give you the perfect CCTV solution with the right equipment.

CENSCons has given many basic and complex CCTV security solutions throughout the Afghanistan.  From banks to secure safe rooms to office spaces, CENSCons has successfully completed many complex CCTV projects.

CENSCons has Afghan Police certified engineers to install CCTV equipment for our CCTV customers.  Whatever your requirement, CENSCons can design the right CCTV solution for your monitoring requirements.

CENSCons has a varied list of CCTV equipment vendors from whom we can get the right model of equipment needed for your CCTV solution.

CENSCons is an IT Solutions provider company.  We offer many solutions for your business needs.  Contact us today for your CCTV equipment needs.

CCTV Equipment offered by CENSCons:

  • Cameras
  • Monitors
  • DVRs
  • Video Adapters