Security Access Devices


Companies today require secure accesses to their facilities to prevent theft of equipment or data and to keep their employees safe.   With many devices to choose from for your security requirements your desired security level is easy to reach.

Magnetic locks have been proven useful for securing doors via biometric, coded or carded security access devices.  When purchasing magnetic locks the force that it takes to separate the locks should be considered.

Biometric security access devices are now being used widely as a way of securing facilities.  Retinal and fingerprint scanning are the most popular. Biometric scanning is individual based. With the individual’s biometrics programmed into device the individual cannot loan them out to others such as done with a key or card.  Biometrics also prevents losing access cards or keys which gives access to your facility or facilities.

Access cards are commonly used for accesses to facilities and rooms in the facilities.  A good access manager program on a server can be programmed to give access to the entire facility, a certain room or an area of rooms in a facility.

There are many types and brands of security access devices.  CENSCons offers a varied list and can customize according your security access design.

CENSCons has certified engineers to design the perfect solution for your security needs. CENSCons has completed 100s of projects to include many security projects both basic and complex.  CENSCons is sure to have a solution for your Security Access requirements.   Contact us today with any questions or inquiries you may have