Security Software

Protecting valuable and proprietary data has become just as important as protecting personal and business assets.  CENSCons has completed many projects ensuring business data is completely secure.  CENSCons has partnered with Security Software companies to ensure the best available prices.

Today there are many threats against businesses.   Potential attackers look to access company data to obtain personal data for banking information or other information that may cause monetary benefits for the attacker.  The majority of the attackers however are just trying to challenge themselves and their skills.  The bigger the challenge the better the game. Regardless the reason for the attack your business’s data is vulnerable without the right Security Software solution.

Protecting your domain machines and your server is very important.  Putting an antivirus program on your domain machines isn’t enough.   A total security solution for your machine and your server is necessary to protect your entire IT Infrastructure.

With hidden programs running in the background your servers may already be mined.  CENSCons has certified engineers that can audit your IT Infrastructure and design the best security solution for your IT Infrastructure.   Contact us today to discuss your business’s data security software needs.

CENSCons’s certified engineers have designed solutions with the following security software for its customers:

  • ESET
  • McAfee
  • Kaspersky
  • Trend Mirco