Server Management

ims-bannerCENSCons has completed 100s of projects with the majority of them being new server installations.  CENSCons engineers have a server lab where all of the servers are brought and configured for installation.

Choosing the right software for your server is important to your business needs.   Few servers are configured the same.  Determining the software and the configuration of the server is important.  Your business may just need a basic configuration or maybe even a more complexed one.

You should first consider your finances and determine the budget for which can be allocated for the server, setup and maintenance.  With server hardware costs coming down software cost is more affordable. Basic Microsoft software for servers is a reasonably priced solution.  You can get your server configured and going on a minimum cost.  If your company needs a more complex solution you may choose to look at Sun Microsystems.

You should consider server maintenance when choosing your software.  Your IT engineer or the company you choose to maintain your servers should have experience with the software you have installed on your machine.

CENSCons is an IT Integration company and can give you the right solutions for your Server Management Software needs.  Basic or Complex we will help you design, configure and deploy your server to integration into your IT infrastructure.  Contact us today for your Server Management Software needs.

Some of the common Server Management Software we have configured for our customers:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and earlier
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Symantec Backup
  • VMWare
  • SCCM