Software Licensing

CENSCons manages the licenses for many of its customers ensuring they do not expire.  CENSCons sells and manages the majority of software available for businesses on the market.  CENSCons has partnered with many software manufacturers to offer the best prices available.

Through our partnerships our technical and sales engineers have obtained proper certifications to better support your software needs. Our technical engineers are qualified to deploy the majority of the software remotely adding your company licenses.

Expired software licenses means you don’t get the manufacturer’s support and can even mean you no longer get the required updates.   Software security updates are very important.  Attackers sometimes attack you through your software.  Software manufacturers often fight ongoing battles to protect breaches on their software.  If there is a security update for a software it usually means the software has been attacked and the manufacturer has designed an update to protect you from future attacks of the same kind.  Software updates also give you the newest changes in the software ensuring you are updated with the best software for your application.  As business applications and requirements often change so must the software in most cases.  Manufacturers try to keep their software up to date with industry needs and requirements.  Not keeping your licenses active means you don’t get these innovated and sometimes important updates.

CENSCons has qualified and certified engineers capable of determining the best software for your business needs. CENSCons can arrange your software, deploy it and manage your licenses and insure you never go without your important updates. Contact us today to discuss your licenses.